How it works

No purchase is required for your first style session, try it risk-free! After your first session, we charge a $29 styling fee which is waived with a minimum $100 purchase.





What's included

  • Personalized styling sessions - two custom look recommendations & one free redo
  • SMS Messaging with your personal stylist
  • Luxury delivery and pick up you can schedule
  • same day delivery options
  • no subscriptions
  • Personalized styling sessions
  • Only pay for what you keep
  • Personaly themed lookbooks
  • Working with your budget
  • Shopping the best deals and promotions


Step by step

Mannr gives you flexible curated styling from home. You’ll choose, try-on and return your clothes without having to visit a store.


Text your style coach for custom outfits


Purchase just one item or complete outfits


Get contactless delivery to your door


Only pay for what you keep. Free pick up for returns or exchanges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question we have not answered yet? Send us an email.


Returns & Exchanges

Just text your stylist. Mannr sends out a courier that will pick up the items from your home, and handle the rest for you at no charge. You won’t ever need to go back into a store to deal with returns again.


How does delivery work?

You schedule the day and time, and your styled items are personally delivered to your door at no extra charge.

What is Mannr?

Mannr is a men’s personalized stylist service all conveniently done over messaging. We have real, professional, vetted stylists who curate outfits that fit your budget, style and body type. After filling out your style profile, we’ll match you with one of our stylists who you will work with you 1:1 to curate outfits. For any clothes you love, you can purchase them directly from us – we’ll ship it from Mannr so you don’t have to track down multiple shipments from retailers or deal with individual brands for any returns.

What services does Mannr offer?

Mannr offers styling sessions that include two custom look recommendations and one free redo.

We hand deliver purchases to your door and offer no-hassle returns.

Mannr is not a subscription service, leaving you free to shop whenever you like. Just reach out to your stylist at any time.

How is Mannr different from other subscriptions?

Your stylist is a real person. Unlike other subscription brands who use algo based on style profiles and “guess” what products clients may like, Mannr hires real professional stylists who will get to know you personally.

You have access to your stylist for 1:1 session and can request changes to your outfits she has curated for you until you find items you love. Only then are items shipped to you to try on. This is different than other subscriptions where they simply send you items without your approval.

Less hassle: Because you’re able to see all the items that your stylist curated for you, and order only items you love, it's unlikely you'll want to return it… which means less chances of you having go through the hassle of re-shipping it for a return. You’re able to make purchases from multiple stores right from the outfits your stylist has curated for you. Since it’s shipping directly from Mannr, there’s no shipping costs you have to pay. Also prices are never marked up for clothes.

What sizes do you accommodate?

We accommodate all sizes! On your style profile, you’ll share with us your sizing so our stylists can make sure they’re always recommending items that have your size. We have a lot of clients who don’t fit the “regular” size – the best part of having real, human stylists is that they are able to scour items that will fit your body perfectly.

What is the styling fee?

Your first styling session is free. A styling session includes two custom looks and one free redo.

Each session after that is a one time charge of $29.

The styling fee is waived with a $100 or more purchase.

Do I pay more for the clothes?

We charge a simple 15% service fee. This includes luxury delivery and painless returns. And that's it, no hidden fees or additional costs.

The actual item prices are never marked up. Items are always offered at the same price as they are on the retailer’s websites.

We will also use any available promo / discount codes while shopping so you’re getting the lowest possible prices for each of your items at all the retailers.

What is the price range of clothing?

We recommend clothes from stores you already shop at, so we can work with a lot of budgets. If you have a specific budget in mind, just let your stylist know.

Each styling session has a $29 styling fee (waived on purchase more than $100).

Is my stylist a real person?

Yes, your stylist is a real, vetted, professional stylist. They all have extensive experience in the fashion/styling industry and we go through an extensive interview process to ensure they’re able to curate outfits but also provide the best customer experience to all of our clients. To get to know our stylists more, visit the stylists page.

How is my stylist paid?

Mannr stylists are paid per client and don’t work on commission. Your stylist has no financial incentive to recommend certain brands, or push you for any purchases. They are solely dedicated to getting to know you, helping find clothes you love and messaging with you when you need them for styling advice.

Will my stylist shop special sales for me?

Yes! You can let your stylist know if you’re looking at a certain item and she will be able to let you know when it goes on sale. The best part of having a personal stylist is that you will build a relationship where she will get to know your style and let you know of any sales on items she knows you may love.

Do I get to work with the same stylist every time?

Yes, since you choose the stylist based on your style and profile, we ensure that you are connected to someone who has similar fashion style and personality. We believe the relationship between the stylist and you is the most important – we want it to feel like you’re just texting with another friend for fashion advice. If you aren’t happy with your stylist for any reason, please let our concierge team know and they’ll be happy to re-match you. Email them at [email protected]

How does shipping work?

When you order items, even if it’s multiple from different brands, it will all come in one Mannr box. This way you’re not having to keep track of individual boxes shipping to your home, or paying shipping fees from each retailer. We offer free courier delivery downtown Toronto whether you purchase 1 item or 10 from Mannr.

How does returns work?

One of the best parts of Mannr is that returns are super easy – anything you don't want to keep you can return without the hassle. Put the item you want to return back in the Mannr box, and message your stylist. She will send someone to pick it up and take care of the rest.

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