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review Daniel imageDaniel

As a real estate agent I was looking for outfits that were formal enough to meet clients but had an edge. What my stylist pulled was exactly what I was looking for and clients always compliment my looks.

review Ali imageAli

Recommended for busy professionals looking for personalized stylistic options for various occasions. Great customer service and overall experience. Will be using in the future.

review Nathan imageNathan

Mannr really fit what I was looking for - someone to help me shop and find deals as a busy working professional. I received highly curated recommendations for what I was looking for, and I'll continue to use it in the future!

review Alex imageAlex

I never thought I would consider myself as a "professional stylist guy" but Mannr is amazing. It's so easy to shop and my stylist's recommendations are definitely better than what I could do on my own.

review Nino imageNino

Way better than the mall. Valeriya's recommendations were perfect, working with her over messaging was so easy. Delivery was fast, love it.

review Tom imageTom

I’ve had a great experience with Mannr so far. After the style quiz with the bot, I was introduced to my stylist, Gina. She’s given me various ideas to spruce up my wardrobe and style the pieces I’m interested in into various outfits.

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